"Customers will never love a company until the EMPLOYEES love it FIRST!"


Mission Statement

The mission of our Smoker Friendly and Smoker Friendly’s Liquor Plus stores is to provide our customers the widest variety of cigarettes, tobacco and liquor products at a competitive price in a clean, friendly and pleasant atmosphere.

Smoker Friendly… Our Name Says It All!


Here's what some of our employees had to say about working for Smoker Friendly

"I have worked for Smoker Friendly for many years and I truly cannot think of any other job that I would rather work. I have developed so many friendships with co-workers and customers over the years. I was trained to always put our customers first and foremost and that is what I did. I had numerous customers that followed me through several moves and other changes over the years but they stuck with me through it all. I have remained friends still today with many of them and think of them as part of my Smoker Friendly family also. As a supervisor, I have the opportunity to travel and continue to meet people in a lot of different areas. My job is a big part of my social life and I enjoy going to work. I also feel Steve, Ryan, and Regan treat us with respect and show us that they appreciate our hard work, in turn, giving us the motivation to give our best to the company. I hope to continue to be a part of the Smoker Friendly family for as long as I can!" - Sherry

"Working for Smoker Friendly has been a very rewarding experience.  Having worked for large corporations in the past, Smoker Friendly is like a breath of fresh air.  It is large enough for employees to feel secure about their jobs, but small enough to know their employees personally.  In an age where most stores can’t even control the temperature in their stores, Smoker Friendly allows stores the freedom to operate." -Sandy

"Family owned and operated business where employees are considered friends and family. Employment with Smoker Friendly is taking part in a company that strives to bring consumers the new and the innovative. Working in a fun and friendly environment where rewards are given for effort, results and accomplishment. Having a job doing what you love is like never going to work and united we carry on." -Denise

"I love working for Smoker Friendly.  The customers are great and become a part of you.  The uniquely diverse customers that I get to service on a daily basis, keeps my job ever-changing and interesting.  The relationships that I build not only with the customers, but with my fellow employees are very rewarding. My bosses listen to my opinions and thoughts, which allows for my voice to be heard in this great company.  I really feel that I am a part of something special when it comes to Smoker Friendly. Ethical values and the word family are very important to Smoker Friendly. It also helps to know that we are all working together for the same goals.  Those goals aren’t only to just make money, but to provide our customers with BEST service and experience in the industry." -Joey

Career Opportunities

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